Articulation and Articulation Proposal Requests

Current Course Articulation: 

How to locate your disciplines current and/or historical Course-to-Course Articulation utilizing ASSIST:

ASSIST Maintenance Reports can be run to research where your courses are currently articulated to other like courses at CSU and UC Campuses. 
To run a maintenance report go to:
• use the pull down menu under Database--go to:
• ASSIST Maintenance Reports--click on the link ("Click here to go to the ASSIST Maintenance Reports") and sign in using the username: SRCFAC and the password: BurntOrange.
• Now go to Course Artic. Summary (in the menu bar on the left)

  • Using the pull down menus select "Santa Rosa Junior College" 
  • Select the term (defaults to current term)
  • Select Prefix
  • Select Specific Course Number
  • Select "All Institutions" which will show you every CSU campus and every UC Campus
    • You can be more specific if you're looking for just one campus in particular or if you only want to look at CSU's or UC's, but generally you want to look at all of them to see where articulation currently exists
  • Once ASSIST brings up the report you will see what, if any, articulation exists for your course. The report will reflect the articulation in various ways:
    • Course to course: listing our course and which course(s) on each campus that we are aligned to
    • Course to program: listing our course and a drop down that may show the university Majors the articulation applies to
    • Course to Electives/GE listings: sometimes our course can be part of a long list of course options that would fulfill a particular GE Area, Study Area, or Elective Area for a University

Filling in the holes and creating new Articulation.

Many times we find that our coursework aligns well with existing coursework at the 4-year universities, but no articulation currently exists. If you are developing new courses with alignment to 4-year lower division courses, if you are revising a course to align to 4-year lower division courses or you find coursework from your discipline that does not have current articulation but you feel that it aligns, the best thing we can do is work together to propose articulation. 

As Faculty members you are the experts in your course content and our objective is to fill in any gaps that may be holding up students from transfer or earning appropriate credit for completed coursework once they do transfer. If you have found a course that needs to be articulated, please email with the information so that I can develop an Articulation Proposal Request for our 4-year University Partners. 


If you have any questions or need assistance researching or determining Articulation utilizing ASSIST. Please contact Kate HIckman at 707-527-4275 or via email at