C-ID Information for Faculty and Staff

What is C-ID, how is it used at SRJC and how to utilize it when developing courses

The Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID). C-ID is a numbering system being developed to ease the transfer and articulation burdens in California’s higher educational institutions. To learn more about C-ID, please visit www.c-id.net

Currently the SRJC has 266 approved courses for C-ID Descriptors in over 57 disciplines. 

What does this mean for us?

C-ID descriptors are being utilized as required criteria to complete the Associate Degree for Transfer Templates as well as bridging pathways for students transferring between Community College campuses and beyond to a 4-year university. The ADT Templates require our campus to have courses approved in order to meet the criteria and be usable within those templates. C-ID Descriptors can also be utilized to assist with Course Development or Revision and can also be a tool for Student Course Substitution Reviews.

To access the SRJC courses that have been approved as comparable to C-ID descriptors, visit www.c-id.net/courses. You can search for Santa Rosa Junior College in the campus drop down list then search for courses by discipline on our campus. You can also search other CSU campuses for comparable courses on the 4-year campuses.

When developing new courses or revising courses, please see a list of finalized C-ID Descriptors by viewing www.c-id.net/descriptors and searching by discipline. The Descriptors are built in a fairly similar set up as our COR’s and by using them as a guide assists us in achieving C-ID approval and opens more pathways of utilization for that course.

Using C-ID as a tool for equivalency determination can be helpful when a student is requesting substitution of a course they may have taken at another CCC. While I still encourage faculty to review other CCC’s official course outlines and/or syllabi when determining a student’s course substitution, if our course and the course being requested for substitution have been approved for the same C-ID Descriptor it can give you confidence that the courses are likely aligned and cover the same content.

Under the “Courses” Tab you can use the drop down menus to search for all courses approved for specific C-ID Numbers or search by campus. Example: A student submits Cabrillo College’s ACCT 1A for our BAD 1- We know that our BAD 1 is approved for C-ID ACCT 110. We can then utilize the drop down search to confirm that Cabrillo’s course is also approved for ACCT 110.

There are also some CSU courses that have been identified with C-ID Numbers that can also be helpful when attempting to align new or revised courses and confirm lower division status.

Submitting a Current Course for review to C-ID

If your discipline has a currently active course that aligns with a C-ID Descriptor, you can send an email to kblackwell@santarosa.edu identifying the SRJC course and the C-ID Descriptor(s) that you are interesting in having reviewed.