Course Development: Resources For UC and CSU Numbered Courses

A Guide to Developing Transferable Courses and Utilizing

When developing transferable courses (#s 1-99) it is required to locate a lower division parallel course taught at California State University (CSU) or the University of California (UC). If a course from CSU is cited and it is an acceptable parallel, the Articulation Specialist designates the course as CSU transferable after approval from the State Chancellor’s Office. If a course from UC is cited, the Articulation Specialist must submit the course outline to the UC Office of the President (UCOP) for review and approval.
UC proposed courses are submitted to UCOP once a year in July. Until the course is approved by UCOP, the course is frozen in SIS.
Additionally, citing a lower division parallel is the best way to ensure that the course can be articulated or submitted for the IGETC or CSU General Education/Breadth requirements.

UC Courses
• SRJC UC numbered courses are identified as 1-49
• It is a requirement that there is at least one lower division comparable courses identified as 1-99 at any UC campus.
• UC courses must follow the timeline provided by CRC and have to go through the formal submission process via UCTCA in July of each year. They must be approved by UCOP prior to being offered on campus.

CSU Courses
• SRJC CSU numbered courses are identified as 50-99
• It is a local campus requirement that there is at least one lower division comparable courses identified as 100-299 at most CSU campuses- The exceptions are:
• CSU East Bay and CSU Stanislaus Lower Division 1000-2999
• CSU Fresno, CSU Sacramento and San Jose State Lower Division 1-99
• CSU numbered courses can be offered once CRC, the Board of Trustees, and the State Chancellor’s Office have approved the course. The local requirement is in place to protect students from being denied course credit once they have reached their destination CSU campus.


How to locate lower division comparable courses utilizing ASSIST:

ASSIST Maintenance Reports can be run to research where courses are taught--whether at a 4yr. or a CCC. You can also search for Lower Division parallel courses.
To run a maintenance report go to:
• use the pull down menu under Database--go to:
• ASSIST Maintenance Reports--click on the link ("Click here to go to the ASSIST Maintenance Reports") and sign in using the username: SRCFAC and the password: BurntOrange.
• Now go to Course Search and using the pull down menus ("ALL INSTITUTIONS") and your Course Title (or components of your course title) run a report (NOTE: you do NOT need to fill in all the fields). The report will show where a course is taught and other essential info for the lower division parallel.

If you have any questions during development or revision of transferrable coursework, please contact Kate Hickman at or you can contact the Curriculum Technician for Courses Chas Crocker at