GE Breadth

Students have three options in meeting the General Education requirements toward earning an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science Degree, or an Associate Degree for Transfer Degree at Santa Rosa Junior College. 

2023-2024 GE Worksheets: 

The 2023-2024 Academic Year options are the following:

2023-2024 Option A
2023-2024 Option B- CSU
2023-2024 Option C- IGETC

2023-2024 Option D- IGETC for STEM (Biology AS-T ONLY) NOTE for UC Bound Students following IGETC for STEM for the Biology AS-T Degree- You will want to confirm with a Counselor if your UC campus of choice will take the IGETC for STEM pattern. 


Previous Catalog GE Worksheets: 

Catalog Year Option A: AA/AS GE Option B: CSU GE Option C: IGETC GE
2022-23 22-23 AA/AS 22/23 CSU 22-23 IGETC
2021-22 21-22 AA/AS 21/22 CSU 21/22 IGETC
2020-21 20/21 AA/AS 20/21 CSU 20/21 IGETC
2019-20 19/20 AA/AS 19/20 CSU 19/20 IGETC
2018-19 18/19 AA/AS 18/19 CSU 18/19 IGETC
2017-18 17/18 AA/AS 17/18 CSU 17/18 IGETC
2016-17 16/17 AA/AS 16/17 CSU 16/17 IGETC

Archived Option D: IGETC for STEM- Biology ADT Only:

2020-21 Option D 2021-22 Option D 2022-23 Option D

If you are in need of Archived GE Worksheets beyond what is listed above, you can refer to the Santa Rosa Junior College Archived Catalogs by visiting our Catalog Webpage by clicking here or email to request an archived PDF of the GE Worksheets. 

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