General Education Courses- How to submit courses for GE Review

How to determine if my course proposal meets the criteria for General Education

The following resources can be utilized to help you identify if your course meets the specific criteria for the various GE Areas of our Local AA/AS GE Pattern, the CSU GE Pattern, and/or the IGETC GE pattern. You may also reach out to Kate Blackwell directly for assistance in identifying any potential GE Areas. 

The following document is used by the State GE Review Team and our local GE Subcommittee to help identify and confirm GE eligibility. It may be helpful for faculty submitters to review the proposed area's criteria as well when preparing a course for submission. 

Submitting Courses for General Education Review

Courses are submitted annually in December from our Campus Articulation Office to the State General Education Review. Results from the State review are typically received in late March or early April and begin term effective the following Academic Year. To submit course work for GE Review, it is desirable to do so at the same time as you are submitting a new course or submitting a course revision to the Curriculum Committee.  

Faculty should complete the GE Forms within the Student Information System (SIS) and can contact Chas Crocker in the Curriculum Office for more information regarding form submission.

The forms in SIS that must be completed are as follows, all forms are built into SIS for your use: 

  • General Education Patterns Grid
  • Criteria for Courses Proposed for CSU GE
  • Criteria for Courses Proposed for IGETC 

If you need any assistance determining whether a current course is eligible for any GE Areas or are looking to revise or develop a GE course, you can contact Kate Blackwell in Articulation at for more details on requirements or a GE Guide.